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Ohio Driving Under Suspension Law (DUS)

Affordable Brief Advice:  $50.00

Ohio's driving under suspension laws are now so complicated that for many citizens it is now impossible to figure out how to get your license back.

That is why I launched this service.

For $50.00 you can briefly meet with me.  I understand the ins and outs of the Ohio law.  Our goal will be to formulate a plan.  We will break down how to get your license back.  We put what you have to do into easy to understand steps you can then follow by yourself to get your license returned to you.

This is brief advice that helps you understand how to fix the problems.

If you need further help, I will quote you my rate to act as your voice to either the courts or the State of Ohio.

Give me a call.  I am here to help you get your license back.

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More than 1 out of 10 Ohio drivers are under suspension

It is estimated that one out of ten Ohio drivers are under suspension.  The Cincinnati Enquirer learned of this by examining records on Ohio drivers and they found twelve percent were suspended.  That compares to six percent  in Kentucky and four percent in Indiana (citation).  That means that over 154,000 drivers are under suspension in Cuyahoga County alone (citation).

In 2009 the state had more than 2.6 million suspensions over 7.35 million drivers.  That's one suspension for every three drivers.  In some counties, like Montgomery County (Dayton, Ohio) the rate is one suspension per two licenses (citation).

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