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Ohio OVI, DUI, DWI -- My Friend Was Arrested

If a friend of yours was arrested for operating a vehicle while impaired, it is imperative that he or she get legal counsel.  My other pages describe just a small part of this complicated law.

End of the world?

A defendant often feels the arrest has brought an end to life as he or she knew it.  The arrest will turn the defendant's world upside-down.  It is a life changing experience.  Your friend will need your support.  He or she faces crushing costs.  He or she may face jail.

End of the relationship?

If you are the spouse, signficant other, parent or otherwise very close to the defendant, you might now feel that enough is enough.  "I've had it with this man/woman/kid."  You're upset.  Part of being upset is that you know your friend needs you and you feel obligated to help.  You think, "Should I fish or cut bait?  Should I abandon this person?"

Give it time.

Time does so much to put things into perspective.  It softens emotions, instructs them, it puts the world into perspective.  At this point there is no better advice:  Give it time.

The defendant

Expect your friend to be frightened and confused.  These laws are beyond complicated.  The issues are often too numerous for the lay person to manage.  Having now experience jail, the thought of going back is frightening.  The concern for loved ones and children can be overwhelming.  Your friend is going through what is probably the darkest time of his or her life.  Your friend needs you.

If you friend is in jail, try to make contact.  The jail will have visitation.  They will often take messages to your friend.  Having someone on the outside who can begin the process of putting your friend's life back together will mean a lot to your friend.  KNOW THAT ANYTHING SAID ON A JAIL PHONE OR DURING A JAIL VISIT COULD BE USED AGAINST YOUR FRIEND!  DO NOT DISCUSS WHAT HAPPENDED DURING THE ARREST!

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