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Expunging or Sealing an Ohio

Ohio Criminal Conviction


  • You can seal your record if you have no more than either:


    • Two misdemeanor convictions that are not for the same crime (in other words, you can't have two shoplifting charges)

    • One misdemeanor and one felony

    • EXCEPT:

      • Two or more convictions based on the same act will be considered as one

        • If you have two separate shoplifting charges from two stores but they occurred on the same date at about the same time they will be considered as one.

      • Two or more convictions not based on the same act but are related crimes

        • For example, craving heroin, three shoplifting charges occurred on different dates within three months that were all driven by that same problem.

      • You can have an unlimited number of minor misdemeanor citations.


  • You cannot seal:


    • First or second degree felonies

    • Any crime with a mandatory prison term

    • Any first degree misdemeanor where the victim was under eighteen years old

      • Except for non-support of dependents

    • Any offense of violence

      • Except the fourth degree misdemeanor version of domestic violence can be sealed

  • You cannot seal a case if:


    • You have any open criminal cases

    • You owe money on the closed cases

    • All requirements for probation or parole must be completed

    • The waiting period after a conviction is complete

      • For a misdemeanor, you must wait one year after a all punishment and probation has been completed.

      • For a felony, you must wait three years after all punishment and parole has been completed.


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