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Statute of Limitations

You should seek legal counsel regarding a statute of limitation issue!

Statute of limitations are set in Ohio law.  The code is shown beside the issue.

Abortion, 2305.11
Absence from state, effect of, on, 2305.11
Accrual of cause of action generally, 2305.01.2
Affirmative defense, CivR 8 (C )
Agent orange exposure, 2305.10
Antenuptial or separation agreement with decedent, re, 2106.22
Appeals, AppR 4, 2505.07
Architects, 2305.13.1
Asbestos exposure, 2305.10
Asbestos related claims by school districts, 2305.09.1
Assault or battery, 2305.11.1
Bodily injury, 2305.10
Bonds, official, 2305.12
Bonds, payment of, suits to enjoin, 733.60
Breach of contract, 1302.98
Business opportunity sale, 1334.10
Claims against estates, 2117.06, 2117.07, 2117.12
    Not revived re new administrator, 2117.33
Commercial paper, 1303.16
Concealment, effect of defendant’s, 2305.15
Contingent claim, on, 2117.37 et seq
    In writing, 2305.06
    Municipal, enjoining, 733.60
    Not in writing, 2305.07
    Sale, for, breach of, 1302.98
Criminal prosecutions, 2901.13
Dalkon shield claims, 2305.10.1
Dental claims, 2305.11.3
Diethylstilbestrol, exposure, 2305.10
Diversion of line, damages for, railroads, 4961.08
Engineers, 2305.13.1
Environmental law violations, civil or administrative penalties, 3745.31
False imprisonment, 2305.11
Fraud, 2305.09
Illegal taxes, recovery of, 2723.01
Imprisonment, effect, 2305.15
Infant, limitation of right of, to show cause against judgment, 2323.21
Intentional tort by employer, 2305.11.2
Investment or deposit of unclaimed funds, by executor or administrator, not a defense re, 2113.66
Lapse of time as bar, 2305.03
Libel, 2305.11
Malicious Prosecution, 2305.11
Malpractice, 2305.11
Psychologist, social worker or clinical counselor, 2305.11.3
Medical Malpractice, 2305.11.3
Mines, injury to, 2305.09
Minimum wage and hour law, actions under, 2305.11
Minors, tolling of action, 2305.16
Monopoly, 1331.12
Municipal income tax, 718.06
Natural resources severance tax, 5749.08
New trial, on, application for, after term, by petition, 2321.21, 2321.22
Part payment, effect of, 2305.08
Penalty or forfeiture, 2305.11
Personal income tax, 5747.13
Personal property –
    Injury to, 2305.10
    Recovery of, 2305.09
Products liability, 2305.10
Real property for –
    Dedicated to public uses, 2305.05
    Improvements to, 2305.13.1
    Recovery of, title of, 2305.04, 2305.05, 2305.22
    Trespass upon, 2305.09
    Underground, and injury to mines, 2305.09
Registration of land title, relative to, 5310.12
Relief, for other, 2305.14
Revivor of action, of judgment, 2325.18
Revivor of action, when parties die, 2311.33, 2311.34
Sales, 1302.98
Sales tax, four-year limitation for assessments, 5739.16
Sales tax refund, 5739.07
Slander, 2305.11
Statutory lien, enforcement of, 2305.26
Torts, certain, 2305.09
Trust, continuing and subsisting, 2305.22
Trusts, certain revocable, 2305.12.1
Unsound mind, tolling of action due to, 2305.16
Use tax assessment, 5741.16
Validity of title, action of, forfeited lands, 5723.13
Waiver of, relative to deficiency judgments, 2329.08
Waste, 2305.09
Workers’ compensation, 4123.84, 4123.85
Wrongful death, 2125.02

Your Interface

The interface between you and your attorney and then the courts will determine how efficient the process of defending you proceeds.  It is vitally important that the communication link between you and your attorney be open as possible.  Much needs to be done.  It must be done efficiently.


If you need immediate advice, call now.  I will make every effort to either take your call or call you back as soon as I can.

It is not required that you take a day off work to meet with me.  I will make every effort to schedule appointments that work with your schedule.

I serve all of Northeastern Ohio

I serve all of Northeast Ohio's Courts of Common Pleas, including Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, Lorain County Court of Common Pleas, Medina Court of Common Pleas, Summit County Court of Common Pleas, Geauga County Court of Common Pleas, Portage County Court of Common Pleas, Lake County Court of Common Pleas, Erie County Court of Common Pleas, Sandusky County Court of Common Pleas and Huron County Court of Common Pleas.

I serve all of Cuyahoga County's municipal courts, including Bedford Municipal Court, Berea Municipal Court, Cleveland Municipal Court, Cleveland Heights Municipal Court, East Cleveland Municipal Court, Euclid Municipal Court, Garfield Heights Municipal Court, Lakewood Municipal Court, Lyndhurst Municipal Court, Parma Municipal Court, Rocky River Municipal Court, Shaker Heights Municipal Court, and South Euclid Municipal Court.

In Lorain County I serve the Avon Lake Municipal Court, Elyria Municipal Court, Lorain Municipal Court, Oberlin Municipal Court, Vermillion Municipal Court. In Medina County I serve Medina Municipal Court and Wadsworth Municipal Court. In Huron County I serve the Huron Municipal Court, Vermillion Municipal Court and Sandusky Municipal Court.

In Summit County and Portage County I serve the Akron Municipal Court, Barberton Municipal Court, Stow Municipal Court and Portage Municipal Court. In Lake County I serve the Mentor Municipal Court, Painesville Municipal Court and Willoughby Municipal Court. In Geauga County I serve the Chardon Municipal Court.