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        Stephen W. (Steve) Wolf

 "Over thirty-two years in criminal justice taught me that the work of a defense attorney is every bit as important to criminal justice as the work of the police, prosecutors
or the court."



I left one career in public service to join another. I retired after working for thirty-two years with the North Olmsted Police Department and I am now practicing law. Thirty two years in criminal justice taught me that the work of a defense attorney is every bit as important to criminal justice as the work of the police, prosecutors or the court.

As a police officer, I believed in helping and assisting all groups of people, including those I arrested. Working in criminal defense, I now continue to provide that help by assisting those who need an informed, knowledgeable and savvy advocate.

I have degrees in Public Safety Management, a Master of Public Administration and a Juris Doctor from Cleveland State University. I also had three years of Electrical Engineering training from Ohio State. I am admitted into the Ohio bar.  I am admitted to the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio. I am a member of the American, Ohio State, Lorain County and Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Associations. I am a member of both the National and Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.  I am a member of the Lawyer-Pilot's Bar Association.  My interests include the American Society for Public Administration and the Administrative Theory Network.

Over the years I have offered my services to the Cleveland Legal Aid Society's Brief Advice Clinics, the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association's Pro Se Divorce Clinics, Legal Aid's Bankruptcy Bypass Clinic and the Northeast Ohio Driver's License Reinstatement Project. I have earned a number of pro bono awards.

I am expert in the operation of traffic signals. For twelve years I maintained the traffic signal system for the City of North Olmsted. I became expert not only in maintaining the signals, but in the operation of the hardware and software that define the signals. I became expert at signage and many of the engineering requirements necessary for proper traffic flow. I now offers that expertise through my traffic signal company and in expert testimony offering forensic, post-accident reconstruction.  This experience is invaluable in assessing the proper application of criminal law when a client has been charged with signal or sign issues..

While in public service, I was trained to analyze and maintain the alcohol breath test unit made by National Patent Analytic Systems, Inc.  I was certified to fix the unit down to the component level.  My work on the Datamaster leaves me with in-depth knowledge on both its operation and on those who operate it.

I am fluent in computers and computer networks.  I have written and sold computer programs. I am knowledgeable on all forms of electrical and electronic circuitry. I am fluent in a number of computer languages.

In my free time I fly, hike, bike, enjoy amateur (ham) radio, my dogs and camping.

Steve Wolf



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