Divorce - Easy or Hard?



 1.  I will provide you:


 With an understanding about separation agreements and an understanding about shared parenting


2.  You and your spouse sit down and:


Work out an equitable split.  This would normally be a fifty-fifty division of the property obtained during the marriage.  You then work out which parenting plan works best


3.  I will do the paperwork to be submitted to the court


4.  Your spouse runs that by his or her attorney


5.  We go to court and end your marriage




1.  Divorce lawyers can cause issues:


Divorce lawyers make their money by getting you fighting.  They can do this on purpose.  They can engineer a fight.


 Divorce lawyers can and often do accidently get you fighting by getting two people who are not talking into a situation of distrust and aggression.


2.  Violence will cause issues:


Domestic violence in a relationship is a significant issue.  When it occurs prior to a divorce, or when it sparks the divorce, the divorce can become difficult and costly.


The button above takes you to the criminal and civil domestic pages regarding these issues.


Besides their attorneys, the biggest problem that a couple can face in a divorce, is a pending charge of domestic violence where a temporary protection order is in place to keep the two of you from fighting.



3.  Inequities can cause issues:


If one of the spouses stayed home to take care of the kids and now, decades later, has no means of support, alimony may be appropriate.


If one of the spouses has income that far exceeds the other, that can cause issues.



4.  Anger can cause issues:


Remember that I will fight for you!  I will fight very hard!  But that fight comes at a price.  If you intend to pay me $6,000.00 in fees in order to win a battle that will recover $4,000.00 in disbursements, then that battle is not worth it.  I will take your money.  Remember that you are taking money from things much more important, like your kids and retirement.