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The children must be provided for.  Contribution must come from the party not taking care of the kids.  The party who is not the custodial parent very likely will be paying support.  Very likely means "in almost every case".


Child support is based on the budget of both parents.  It is a calculation that is ground out from data provided by the parents.




Outside of some really egregious events, there will be visitation by the non-custodial spouse.  In situations where that visitation might harm the child, it can be denied, or, more likely, arranged in a supervised environment.  But there will, in almost ever case, be visitation.


For most couples, a shared parenting plan is the answer.  There are pre-packaged plans the courts wish the parents to stay with.




Support modifications require a significant change in circumstances.  Often, when a person is laid off, that person wants to see his or her support modified.  While that might be proper, the court will inquire as to why another job has not been secured.  Voluntary unemployment (meaning that you can't find another job) is an often used reason for denying changes in support.


Again, like before, if the two of you are civil a agreement can be ironed out and agreed to.  Presented to the court as a mutually desired result often convinces the court that the modifications are proper.