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Domestic Violence and Civil Protection Orders

Domestic Violence and Civil Protection Orders can be toxic to a divorce.


There are two ways a protection order can be put into place.  The first occurs when one or the other spouse claims that domestic violence occurred.  In that case, the person arrested ends up with a "Temporary Protection Order" or TPO.  That is an order from the court that prohibits the person arrested from contacting the alleged victim.  If contact by the person arrested occurs, the result is a crime punishable by up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $1000.00.


A TPO keeps two people from talking.  Sort of.  Backchannel communications will still take place.  A friend of the person arrested will put his or her spin on what he or she thinks is going on.  That is repeated to someone else.  Another spin is added.  That person might contact a third who adds yet another spin.  The alleged victim hears from this third party and thinks he or she is hearing the words of the person arrested.  Communications collapses and a nasty divorce begins.


If you are an alleged victim or an alleged suspect in a domestic violence, know that if you succumb to backchannel communication you will end your chances at a reasonable divorce.



I have spent a great deal of time with the below pages that describe both processes.


If you are the victim or alleged perpetrator and it involves a protection order, call me NOW:








With the police --

When the police are involved and a domestic situation is criminal, Ohio laws on domestic violence cover the situation.


About Ohio Domestic Violence




Without the police --

When two people seek to obtain an order on their own, without police involvement, then they are most likely looking for information regarding Ohio civil protection orders.


About Civil Protection Orders