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Ohio Elder Abuse

I am a friend and I want to help

Keep the focus

If the issue is elder abuse, keep the focus there.  Is there a way to control the situation by eliminating the abuse?  Is a change to the living environment of the elderly resident necessary?

Avoid competition

When different people come together to address the problem, some may disagree with the solutions presented by others.  Factions might form.  The issue might devolve into a competition between the groups to see which prevails.

Is your elderly friend involved?  Is his or her desires known?  Will they be met by your solution?  Will your solution be imposed against the will of the elderly person?  What will be the effect of your solution on the quality of life of the elderly person?

Is the solution worth the effect?

Will your solution cause the person to sever you from their life?  Is your solution so necessary to require that?  This often occurs when a child determines that Mom needs better care and Dad needs to be moved out of the picture.  Imposing yourself between a husband and wife can cause irreparable harm to your relationship with both parties.

Is a guardianship needed?

A guardianship is the sledgehammer of solutions.  Many other less-restrictive alternatives might be available.  Here are my guardianship pages: