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Is age a good enough reason to take a driver's license?

When a person ages, their facilities may decline.  Their reaction times might slow.  Their sight might fail.  However, age is not a valid reason for revoking a license.

There are two main roads to losing your driver's license due to age.  First is if a police officer petitions his or her Chief of Police to submit you for retest.  Second, your doctor can yank your license by filing similar paperwork.

In most cases, you have the right to appeal.

Police put you in for retest:  You retake the written and driving tests and you can recover your license.

 Your doctor:  If your doctor has documented such serious medical issues that the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles thinks you cannot be safe, the appeal is different.  You must find an independent doctor who can certify you safe to drive.

Licenses can be reinstated

In a recent YouTube video, a ninety-eight year-old describes her response and how she obtained her license.  The video is available HERE.  A local copy is available in HERE.


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