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Ohio Probate

When a person dies his or her estate, their belongings, pass to others.  First in line, unfortunately, is the tax man.  Second, again unfortunately, are creditors.  Note that funeral expenses are among those costs.  Finally, those named in the will or, if there is no will, those who will inherit by law, receive these items.

The probate process includes, among others:

  • Planning the initial filing
    • Determining if probate is necessary
    • Determining the type of filing that will be required
  • Determining and keeping deadlines
  • Determining who must be notified
  • Dealing with a person who did not have a will
  • Determining who will be the personal representative of the estate
  • Educating the personal representative
  • Documenting assets
  • Marshalling assets
  • Dealing with insurance assets
  • The spouse's right to property
  • Treatment of real property
  • Dealing with businesses
  • The insolvent estate
  • Obtaining a tax identification number, if required
  • Filing the final tax return
  • Tax issues involved in insolvent estates
  • Trust administration
  • Preparing the final estate accounting
  • Property disputes

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